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The Future of Bold Street…

Over the course of the past six months many people have expressed concern and interest in what the future holds for Bold Street. Having transformed from residential street to wealthy shopping avenue, ghost town to haven for independent traders, the street has constantly evolved. On June 26th 2007, local filmmaker John Scotland hit the street to find out what the people think lies next ahead for Bold Street……

Click here to watch


New Film: Mind Drift

Filmmaker Emily Voelker has been collaborating with tenantspin tenants over the last 4 months on a film entitled Mind Drift. The film is a collection of 14 sets of images taken from the point of view of a consumer walking down Bold Street.

Themes covered include shopping, dirt, architecture, people and poetry. Brash, beautiful and funny, the film captures the sheer range of activity, personality and function the street has to offer.

Click here to watch.

3AM on Bold Street Baby….

One of the first things we uncovered during our Bold Street Research was writer and poet Jegsy Dodd’s song 3AM on Bold Street.

We got in touch with Jegsy who was kind enough to join us here in FACT and recite his poem to a live audience. Here is that performance in full - 3AM on Bold Street is available to purchase via itunes.

20 Years On


“20 Years On” is an audio tour created by local anthropologist Mary Wallace. Mary takes us on a tour of Bold Street, reminiscing about happy times 20 years ago as the ‘Smiths Girl of Liverpool’. The tour takes the route from Central Station up Bold Street and ends in the Swan Inn. (And she swanned out again!) Click image to play.

Tastes Like Happy…

We’ve recently acquired a film shot on Bold Street about the making of a Vegetable Pie in a post war Britain still in the grips of rationing. The film was shot in Radiant House which today houses HMV and Argos and is excerpt from Echo’s of the 40’s and 50’s.

Check out the fantastic soundtrack. Many thanks to Angus Tilston from Pleasures Past.

The Bolder They Walk

Filmmaker Kim Ryan has been a long time collaborator of tenantspin’s and on a sunny day in May over the course of an hour, something magical happened on Bold Street. Six camera’s positioned throughout the street, two priest, willing shopkeepers and a fascinating public resulted in The Bolder They Walk. The film, staring Chris Bernard and Alex Cox dressed as clergymen and featuring some interesting observations about art, religion and regeneration transformed the street into a film set.

The results are a magical one off day in Liverpool with a cast of hundreds. You can see the film in the exhibition or online here.


An Architect’s Dream

During our early research we were put in touch with Architectural Historian Joseph Sharples who has given us a fantastic insight into the streets history and architectural influences.

From Ancient Greek and Egyptian influences to insights into the Lyceum and staff entrances at 72 Bold Street, Joseph lifts the lid on some hidden histories during a 6 part interview series.

Save The Lyceum

We interviewed local activist Florence Gerston who was instrumental in the successful campaign to save the Lyceum which was under threat of demolition in the 1970’s. Florence speaks at length about the measures they took to save this historical landmark, its history and journey to becoming Bold Street’s only listed building.

Matta’s Interviews

Interviews with Mr Matta from Matta’s on Bold Street are now available on the Bold Street Video Podcast AND on YouTube!

Running Up That Hill


Artist and broadcaster Roger Hill has created two new audio tours of Bold Street for you to listen to hear and showcased within the model. During our research we have encountered some amazing facts, some that seem so fantastical they are hard to believe, Roger exploits this rich history and dances between rumour, fact and the downright absurd.

Click here to hear Audio Tour 1

For an alternative view of Bold Street; as much Mystery Tour as Audio Tour… click here to hear Audio Tour 2.

Myra Smith

Myra Smith worked in a hairdressing salon on Bold Street between 1947 - 1955. We interviewed her in May 2007 - she spoke in great detail about post-war Bold Street, famous clients and finger waves.

Myra’s interview is available in six installments in the Media Lounge and online here.


Doreen Preston

Doreen Preston got in touch with us after she had heard a ready call on Radio Merseyside appealing for Bold Street stories. In May of this year we traveled to interview Doreen who had worked in Clay & Abraham Pharmacy on Bold Street in 1945.

Doreen is a born storyteller and recounts in vivid detail her work at the shop, the clientele, the surrounding shops, interior décor and nannies with silvercross prams. Doreen’s interview is available to watch in the media lounge and online here.


Many thanks to Doreen for her time and wonderful stories.

Pete and Jeff in the alleys of Bold Street


Filmmaker Olivia Greenberg has recently completed a new film commission working with writer Jeff Young (tenantspin & SuperBlock) and musician Pete Wylie. Olivia has created a unique new cut and paste flickbook short in the doorways and alleys of Bold Street.  


More images on Flickr. The film will soon be available via the blog.



Dawn French takes a trip to Liverpool circa 1985 to present an episode of SWANK for Channel 4. SWANK offers a suave view of the world, from pavement art, to experimental fashions, avant guard music and culture, all filmed in Liverpool. SWANK, Produced for Channel 4 by Veronyka Bodnarec is now available on Google Video.

Thank you Flickr!


My last Flickr related post was singing the praises of Flickr the photosharing website. But it is so much more than that. On Flickr we have found a community of local photographers all taking amazing photos of Liverpool. We set up a group and invited some of them. Word soon spread and more people joined our group and more and more submitted photos. The photography is so good we wanted to include the images submitted by Flickr users to the exhibition and have them playing in the exhibit.

We now have many images in our photo sections which have been contributed by Flickr users. This is a great example of online communities in action - having a direct impact on creative practice; helping to create an exhibition. We’d like to thank:  The Badger Revolution, Andy O’Hare, transvox, Dradny, Philip G Mayer, Andy Sunley, David J Colbran,  Alyn Smith, James West, Maddie Digital, Pixel Fixer, New Folder, Liverpool Suburbia

City Walks

“City Walks” by Andrew Taylor

Vernon Street stands large in memory.
Hidden behind screens, until the
move upstairs, where light poured in
framed by blind-less windows. Tom’s
studio, city model floored with Dave
working delicately. Faces familiar by
daily routine and shortcuts to
Tithebarn Street, somehow becoming
a part of it all. Captured in journal entries
and stored on the camera’s disks.

Town Hall on the lip of the hill. Sensing
the river at the foot of Water Street. While
Castle Street’s windows stand decorated
for Christmas, we gather at the entrance,
security check Billy’s, Stu’s and my
credentials. Nicki walks straight through!
Wonder at the chandeliers as the Mayor’s
chains rattle through wine soaked laughter.
Balcony waving, think of the Beatles standing
here 100,000 crowded below.
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Beautiful “La Bussola”

A story submitted by Julia, a Bold Street Blog reader….

“Back in 1970 I travelled up and down Bold Street every day, being a young Lecturer in Art at the ‘College of Crafts and Catering’ in Colquitt Street, round the corner.

Bold Street had an air of individuality and excitement about it, leading uphill from the underground and the cafe at the bottom of the street, where the waitresses wore a uniform of black dress with white apron and cap, rather quaint even then but delightfully so. They also had tablecloths and hat stands and served tea in shiny metal teapots with hot water as well all on a silver tray, and sugar cubes with tongs to help yourself.

The rest of the street always seemed to me to be terribly smart, a little bit like London!! It just had that air about it. There were shops, I seem to remember a shoe shop, and at least one had a very fancy ‘old fashioned’ curved glass window.

Travelling uphill, on the right hand side and adding to the cosmopolitan feel of the street was the Italian restaurant ‘La Bussola’. This restaurant for me was a delight and for me it is the part of Bold Street I remember the most, holding many happy memories!  It was a far cry from the pizza parlours that abound nowadays and was a very special place to dine.

You went down some steps at the entrance and once inside you could sit in a small bar area before going to your table. I remember my favourite dish was veal a la marsala, followed by zabaglione. I was lucky enough to be taken there several times and probably chose menu this every time! It was always exquisite!

There was music, and next to the dining area was a small and intimate dance floor and this was a new phenomenon to me, being so young. It was wonderful!

Bold Street in the 1970s was for me a very special place, in a very special city!”

The Team

A lot of our images show our work in progress over the course of the past several months. During that time, many many people have worked on the Bold Street project at FACT and at tenantspin, and we wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved. Also we want all our readers to appreciate that whilst a few of us are doing a lot of blogging and talking about the project, there’s a lot more people behind the scenes. The Bold Street project is brought to you by….
Alan Dunn, Patrick Fox, Laura Yates, Ed Pink, Ciara Moloney, John McGuirk, Emily Voelker, Mark Jones, Ross Dalziel, Paul Stringer, Laura Sillars, Paul Luckraft, Sara Smith, Nick Lawrenson, Katie Lips, Michelle Wren and the tenantspinners: Dolly, Vera, Kath, Mark H, Mark D, Warren, Steve, Steve and Mavis.

Blacklers’ Girls


Over the course of our research we have found a few amazing gems; this being one of them. The image is of staff who worked at Blacklers Department  Store on Bold Street in 1951.

Famous Fullers Cakes

Laura recently received this fascinating letter from a ‘Doreen of Huyton’, who describes her time working on Bold Street in Fullers.

“Dear Laura,
My memories began December 1944 I was 14yrs old and about to leave school. I was called in by my Head Mistress and asked if I would be interested in going for an interview to Fullers Cafe in Bold Street as they were wanting a cashier I went for the interview and was accepted for the situation. In the years I was there I have many happy memories.
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