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Seeking a Fuller’s lady from the 1950’s

Fuller’s was a cafe on Bold Street in what is now Look’s Leather Goods. The business by all accounts was well known for its delicious cakes and I think a large stuffed bear in the doorway if I’m not mistaken! It was also the workplace of Martin’s relative - he writes about her below. If anyone has any information they would like to pass on to him you can either comment and I will pass it onto him or email me at

We are often told that life is a journey. Well my personal journey recently took an unexpected turn which landed me in Bold Street! Those of you familiar with Bold Street may not find that surprising as reading  the various articles and posts on this site it is apparent that Bold Street has been and remains a focal point for the local community. As a Mancunian however (please don’t hold that against me) I didn’t, up until a few weeks ago, know anything about Bold Street it was, I’m afraid, just another address, a name in the Liverpool A to Z a set of  coordinates on a sat nav. So how did I end up here?  I recently discovered whilst doing some family research that a relation of mine had been employed as a waitress at Fuller’s Café on Bold Street. Her name was Veronica Joan Chambers and it appears that she worked at Fuller’s for approximately 18 months in the early 1950’s. I am desperately seeking information about Joan, the time that she spent at Fuller’s, and any other details of her life from around this period. So even though I may be a stranger in these parts I would be more than grateful if anyone who knew of Joan could point me in the right direction on my journey.

Martin Kay

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