The Bold Project: tenantspin in collaboration with Katie Lips and Michelle Wren was commissioned by FACT, Foundation for Art and Creative Technology’s Collaboration Programme with the support of Arena Housing.

Since FACT piloted its Internet TV project in 1999, tenantspin has been at the forefront of capturing local stories, characters and discussion topics. It is led by city-wide tenants who are makers as well as viewers and the Bold Street model echoes tenantspin’s ability to be a playground in which Liverpool citizens can create and share. .

Michelle Wren
Michelle Wren (born Liverpool 1983) takes the stories about the world around her and interprets them through the medium of photomontages, constructed dioramas from the size of a matchbox to a proscenium arch.
She adds:
There are glass cases with little white models of our city popping up as fast as the new buildings around us. They show us plenty about the plans for the cities future but leave little room to celebrate its exciting past. Known to be one of Liverpool’s most distinctive Streets Bold Street, with its multi layers accentuates the vibrancy, enthusiasm and heritage that Liverpool so proudly boasts.

Like the street a model of it could not exist in the form of blank faceless buildings. Rather it will comprise of a three dimensional photomontage mixed with media to represent Bold Street in all its glory, creating a space for you to delve into the streets past, hear its stories and meet its characters. This is not however another place for you to observe what is happening around your city but like Bold Street itself will provide a space you can contribute to, interact with and take away from.

Katie Lips
Katie Lips (born Birkenhead 1975) is a creative technologist, innovator, blogger, marketeer and self-proclaimed Social Media Evangelist. Katie has worked with the Internet since 1998 creating new spaces, winning awards and developing communities. She works on a range of projects as creative collaborator and marketeer under the banner of Kisky Netmedia, the company she set-up with partner Paul Stringer in 2002. Focusing on Social Media from blogging, to web-video, to online presence, Katie creates and promotes online and mobile communities and is an active member of the global/tech/geek/community ‘scene’. Katie lives and works in Liverpool and Amsterdam.

She adds:
We will put Bold Street on the (online) map using the latest Web2.0 tools and hacks. Online isn’t merely about representation; it’s about participation and collaboration. Global audiences will become the co-creators of the Media Lounge exhibit, mirroring the collaborative creativity of the street itself.

Katie’s Bold Street Stats
Before: “Bold Street, Liverpool” = 33 pictures on Flickr, 3 videos on YouTube, 0 Technorati results and 59,000 pages of Google results.

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