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Roland and the Cornet

Bold Street has some great buskers, at any given time on any given day the melodic hum of accordions, guitars, drums and trumpets can be heard wafting around the street. I received the following story from Bold Street’s infamous trumpet player, Barry.


Bold Street. A chilly day in April, felt like going back to bed after having a massive party in the brewery tap for my 50th. Need a cup of tea and cheering up……An elderly gentleman approached carrying a square case with a serious look about him. He stood next to me and waited until I had completed my melody. He turned to me an said: “here you are son (sic.) its yours now…I’ve had a heart attack and I don’t think I’ll be playing her again. I want it to go to a good home, providing you won’t sell it.”

Arms outstretched I took hold of the box, agape, as I had already seen Selmer logo on the case. Breathless in anticipation I placed the instrument carefully down flicked the catches on the lid and slowly opened it up. “Oh, is this really for me?” as I looked into his smiling face.” “What do you think of that son?” Speechless I gently lifted ‘her’ from her velvet bed. A Selmer cornet in shining brass with a silver bell. I held it firmly now realising just what a most incredible gift I had been given, I pressed the mother of pearl buttons down.

Adoration of the instrument quickly turned to this tall slim man, clearly in his 80’s. ‘It’s beautiful” I replied staring at in disbelief. A 1963 Selmer ‘Invicta’ in mint condition. It used to belong to a Mr. Parrot, John Parrot’s father (the ace snooker world champion) “there is obviously no chance I would sell this.” He simply left me with it still spellbound….a hand-made instrument of the highest quality.

Roland was an R.A.F technician and played on military bands on horn and guitar and managed the Rialto (Toxteth) until the 1950’s/60’s and played with their big band. I am now in touch with him regularly. He calls me ’son.’

Our thanks to Barry for this great story and to Roland for his great act of generosity.

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