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Flickr on Friday


Last Friday was the Flickr Friday meetup - a meetup for Liverpool photographers in conjunction with the Bold Street Project. A quick look at the lively Bold Street Exhibition was followed by a talk by Patrick Henry, the Open Eye Gallery’s director about the gallery, and its history on Bold Street. More history followed with guided tours of the E. Chambre Hardman house and photographic studio on Rodney Street. On a very rainy day we were pleased with the turnout - I think around 15 of us did the tour! A good time was had by all - but where are all your photos everyone?

Flickr Friday: A Liverpool Photography Tour

Katie Lips and the Bold Street Project presents Flickr Friday: a Flickr meetup with a difference; next Friday 20th July.

Join us for a Liverpool Photography tour taking in the Open Eye Gallery and the fabulous E. Chambre Hardman Photographic Studio on Rodney Street. We’re pleased to announce we’ll get a unique special tour of both the Open Eye and the Hardman Photographic Studio. It’s for anyone in Liverpool interested in Photography, Liverpool Photography, and Flickr!

The Schedule (20th July)

4.30 Bold Street Project Tour (Media Lounge, FACT, 88 Wood Street)

Katie Lips, Laura Yates and Patrick Fox will offer a guided tour of the Bold Street Project.

Then we’ll take a short walk to the Open Eye Gallery.

5.00 Open Eye Gallery Tour (28-32 Wood Street)
Take a look at the Open Eye’s ‘Clinic’ an exhibition that explores the aesthetics of the medical universe through contemporary photography.

Then we’ll take another quick walk to Hardman Street.

5.45 A guided tour of Mr Chambré Hardman’s Home and Photographic Studio (59 Rodney Street)
Sarah-Jane Langley, the Custodian of the house will give us a special tour of the house and its history.

Following that inspiring 2 hours we’ll finish up with a drink or two at Parr Street’s most creative venue: Parr Street 3345 from around 6.30.

The Bold Street Project and The Flickr Group: Background

The Bold Street project has been uncovering, filming and photographing Bold Street Liverpool, its social, cultural and economic history, from the perspective of its traders, residents and community; and from the perspective of many Liverpool based Flickr members and photographers. has played an enormous part in the project; enabling us to show the Bold Street images online as well as in the Media Lounge Exhibit. The Liverpool photographer community has been instrumental in helping us create a unique, diverse and significant collaborative work. New photographs of Bold Street and its people, contributed by Flickr members is now displayed in the Bold Street project exhibition at FACT, Liverpool.

As a thank you to the Flickr community, and so that we can meet even more of you, we have arranged this unique photography tour event as a Flickr Meetup,

We hope to see you there! Please sign up on Upcoming:

We Love Technology….


… so much that the Bold Street Project will be ‘appearing’ at the We Love Technology conference in Huddersfield tomorrow. I will be talking about the Bold Street Project, and this blog as the catalyst of all the online work we’ve been doing to put Bold Street in the online limelight.

We Love Technology is organised by the fabulous Lisa Roberts from Blink Media and compered by Matt Locke; Commissioning Editor, New Media and Education at Channel 4.

“Led by pioneering technologists and artists working in areas such as interactive architecture, sound and games, WLT07 presents the latest adventures in the creative use and misuse of technology.”

The line up looks wonderful and I can’t wait to share all the Bold Street stories!

Thank you Flickr!


My last Flickr related post was singing the praises of Flickr the photosharing website. But it is so much more than that. On Flickr we have found a community of local photographers all taking amazing photos of Liverpool. We set up a group and invited some of them. Word soon spread and more people joined our group and more and more submitted photos. The photography is so good we wanted to include the images submitted by Flickr users to the exhibition and have them playing in the exhibit.

We now have many images in our photo sections which have been contributed by Flickr users. This is a great example of online communities in action - having a direct impact on creative practice; helping to create an exhibition. We’d like to thank:  The Badger Revolution, Andy O’Hare, transvox, Dradny, Philip G Mayer, Andy Sunley, David J Colbran,  Alyn Smith, James West, Maddie Digital, Pixel Fixer, New Folder, Liverpool Suburbia

Bold Street on the Big Screen


In our quest for Bold Street Stories we’ve put a call out on the BBC Big Screen in Liverpool City Centre. Patrick made a quick movie to be displayed on the Big Screen,…. it’s live, and it seems a lot of people have Bold Street Stories to tell.

We’ve had over 60 phone calls today! You can see the ad on YouTube, or click above to play it.

Online History: An Anomaly


As we create a new history of Bold Street online, we’re using a variety of tools to help us create a mesh of content, tags, references and data. And sometimes, the unexpected happens….

Today I noticed a comment posted on one of the ‘History of Bold Street‘ images we have posted on Flickr. The comment, quite rightly points out that Flickr states the image was taken in 2007, but clearly the image is from (sometime around) 1974. Thanks or the tip ‘abnsinoan’ and we will now make sure we set the right ‘Date Taken’ on our Bold Street images. Corrections on those pictures coming soon!

This simple data error highlights the issues around creating online content “retrospectively”. Online spaces are designed around a continual content evolution, rather than archiving of past work, and as such a few things don’t quite fit. Of course we can manipulate Flickr to display the right date ‘after the event’, but this anomaly shows how the online space is geared to the process of continually archiving as we go along, creating an evolving history that writes itself. It is as if these online spaces we participate in, do not need to be archived, as they create an ever-evolving, self-referential archive just by existing and collecting and tracking every single interaction that takes place within them. This made me realise how important it is we keep the Bold Street content online for many people to write, share and enjoy.

Already Famous on Bold Street

When researching what’s already out there “on Bold Street on Youtube”, we were pleased to find a selection of Bold Street Events already “youtubed”. There’s the good, the bad and the delightful; this is from Maximo Park cutting the ribbon at the opening of the new HMV on Bold Street recently.

Tell us your stories


The Bold Street Project offers many ways in which anyone can contribute to the project. If you have a memory or story about Bold Street, we’d love to hear it, and to include it in our exhibition and Bold Street ‘archive’. So, there are various ways you can get in touch. We’ve even got our own phone number! Call 0151 324 1555 to leave your message.

Social Media & Bold Street


We’ll be usng lots of online tools, social media spaces, and web services to spread the word about the Bold Street Project Exhibition. In addition, we’ll also use these spaces to offer an online version of the exhibition. Further more, we’ll be using these spaces to encourage anyone to contribute to the project and to facilitate that contribution. We’ll be discussing how, where and when on this blog. As well as offering an index to a variety of diverse Bold Street related content, we’ll be using the blog to share information on how we’re using Social Media tools. The next step in our project is to work with the content we already have and to share that online.

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