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Roland and the Cornet

Bold Street has some great buskers, at any given time on any given day the melodic hum of accordions, guitars, drums and trumpets can be heard wafting around the street. I received the following story from Bold Street’s infamous trumpet player, Barry.


Bold Street. A chilly day in April, felt like going back to bed after having a massive party in the brewery tap for my 50th. Need a cup of tea and cheering up……An elderly gentleman approached carrying a square case with a serious look about him. He stood next to me and waited until I had completed my melody. He turned to me an said: “here you are son (sic.) its yours now…I’ve had a heart attack and I don’t think I’ll be playing her again. I want it to go to a good home, providing you won’t sell it.”

Arms outstretched I took hold of the box, agape, as I had already seen Selmer logo on the case. Breathless in anticipation I placed the instrument carefully down flicked the catches on the lid and slowly opened it up. “Oh, is this really for me?” as I looked into his smiling face.” “What do you think of that son?” Speechless I gently lifted ‘her’ from her velvet bed. A Selmer cornet in shining brass with a silver bell. I held it firmly now realising just what a most incredible gift I had been given, I pressed the mother of pearl buttons down.

Adoration of the instrument quickly turned to this tall slim man, clearly in his 80’s. ‘It’s beautiful” I replied staring at in disbelief. A 1963 Selmer ‘Invicta’ in mint condition. It used to belong to a Mr. Parrot, John Parrot’s father (the ace snooker world champion) “there is obviously no chance I would sell this.” He simply left me with it still spellbound….a hand-made instrument of the highest quality.

Roland was an R.A.F technician and played on military bands on horn and guitar and managed the Rialto (Toxteth) until the 1950’s/60’s and played with their big band. I am now in touch with him regularly. He calls me ’son.’

Our thanks to Barry for this great story and to Roland for his great act of generosity.

Bold Street iMix


Over the course of this project, Laura, Alan, Patrick and I have all come across a lot of music related facts relating to Bold Street. We began compiling a ‘playlist’ some time back to keep a record of Bold Street songs. Some are about Bold Street (such as 3am on Bold Street), some were performed on Bold Street (I am the Sun), some have historical links to Bold Street (anything on the His Master’s Voice label) and some just remind us of Bold Street (Celebrity Skin). The playlist is below, but you can also view this as an iMix in iTunes (which gives you links to hear and download all the songs if you like).

“Now that’s what I call Bold Street” Volume 1
His Master’s Voice - The National Jazz Ensemble
Black Lights - Jonas Thomassen & Jt Scam
The Harder They Come - Jimmy Cliff
Perambulator - The Icicle Works
C’mon Everybody - Eddie Cochran
I Am the Sun - Swans
Seven Minutes to Midnite (Live) - The Mighty Wah!
3 AM In Bold Street - Jegsy Dodd & The Original Sinners
Two Tribes - Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Hey Mersh! - Moe Tucker
Celebrity Skin - Hole

And if we get enough new suggestions, we’ll compile a Volume 2!

3AM on Bold Street Baby….

One of the first things we uncovered during our Bold Street Research was writer and poet Jegsy Dodd’s song 3AM on Bold Street.

We got in touch with Jegsy who was kind enough to join us here in FACT and recite his poem to a live audience. Here is that performance in full - 3AM on Bold Street is available to purchase via itunes.

20 Years On


“20 Years On” is an audio tour created by local anthropologist Mary Wallace. Mary takes us on a tour of Bold Street, reminiscing about happy times 20 years ago as the ‘Smiths Girl of Liverpool’. The tour takes the route from Central Station up Bold Street and ends in the Swan Inn. (And she swanned out again!) Click image to play.

Running Up That Hill


Artist and broadcaster Roger Hill has created two new audio tours of Bold Street for you to listen to hear and showcased within the model. During our research we have encountered some amazing facts, some that seem so fantastical they are hard to believe, Roger exploits this rich history and dances between rumour, fact and the downright absurd.

Click here to hear Audio Tour 1

For an alternative view of Bold Street; as much Mystery Tour as Audio Tour… click here to hear Audio Tour 2.

Hidden Bold Street with David Lewis

Liverpool-based writer and historian David Lewis, author of “Walks Through History: Liverpool” explores some of Bold Street’s hidden areas with Laura Yates. There are five audio recordings in this series as David and Laura uncover some of Bold Street’s hidden treasures.

Hear from the vaults of the old Midland Bank, Bold Street’s very own music hall and how the building that now houses OXFAM is owned by Sir Alan Sugar.  All five parts are included in the Bold Street Podcast (Audio Edition). Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes by clicking here.

Alternatively you can play these audio clips by clicking on the images below.

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Interviews: A look inside Looks Leather Goods


Laura talks to the staff at Looks Leather Goods on Bold Street, Liverpool. The building has been a wool shop, Radio Rentals, a tea rooms; and has seen all sorts including Bold Street’s infamous Christmas Eve fire.

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All our audio interviews are also available via the Bold Street Project Podcast (Audio Edition) in iTunes. Click here to subscribe.

Interviews: David from David’s Hair Design


David from David’s Hair Design talks to Laura Yates about his shop, the street, and the ladies that come for their hair fashions…..

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This is also available as an audio podcast direct in iTunes; click here to subscribe.

Audio Interviews: Jeffs of Bold Street


The second in the series of Audio Interviews is Jeffs of Bold Street. Hear how Jeffs is a Bold Street favorite; and now houses a Bridal Gown Store, Ladies Fashions, a Victorian Tea Room and a Tattoo Parlour.

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If you are an iTunes fan, you can also subscribe to these interviews via the Bold Street Podcast.

Audio Interviews: First in Series is Cafe 53


tenantspin’s Bold Street Researcher Laura Yates has been out and about on Bold Street chatting with some of the traders and shop owners. Hear how News From Nowhere and John Moores University linked up, the visits of Lady Derby and Lady Sefton and the intriguing rumor that a certain John Lennon set fire to one of Bold Street’s enterprises… These stories and more have been turned into podcast episodes and you subscribe to them directly in iTunes. You can also listen to them here on the blog. We’ll be posting them all individually. The first in the series is the excellent interview with the unique Cafe 53. Click the file to play.

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Eugene McGuinness


I’ve recently come across a song called “Bold Street” by singer songwriter Eugene McGuinness.

Check out and have a listen to the song.

Also if you’re out there Eugene, do get in touch and tell us about your Ode to Bold Street.

Soundscape from Chris Watson

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This one’s from the archive. It’s a recording / soundscape from Bold Street featuring a local busker. It’s made by artist Chris Watson in 2004 as part of “A Winter’s Tale”.

Audio Tour…A sneak preview

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Artist Roger Hill has been busy creating an audio tour of Bold Street. Designed for the International tourist and the Bold Street community alike, Roger takes us on the first of two audio strolls down Bold Street, reflecting upon its portrayal of the city at large and its delicately balanced economy and infrastructure. A 30 second sneak preview is already available here. (Click on the player above).

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