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We Love Technology….


… so much that the Bold Street Project will be ‘appearing’ at the We Love Technology conference in Huddersfield tomorrow. I will be talking about the Bold Street Project, and this blog as the catalyst of all the online work we’ve been doing to put Bold Street in the online limelight.

We Love Technology is organised by the fabulous Lisa Roberts from Blink Media and compered by Matt Locke; Commissioning Editor, New Media and Education at Channel 4.

“Led by pioneering technologists and artists working in areas such as interactive architecture, sound and games, WLT07 presents the latest adventures in the creative use and misuse of technology.”

The line up looks wonderful and I can’t wait to share all the Bold Street stories!

Bold Street iMix


Over the course of this project, Laura, Alan, Patrick and I have all come across a lot of music related facts relating to Bold Street. We began compiling a ‘playlist’ some time back to keep a record of Bold Street songs. Some are about Bold Street (such as 3am on Bold Street), some were performed on Bold Street (I am the Sun), some have historical links to Bold Street (anything on the His Master’s Voice label) and some just remind us of Bold Street (Celebrity Skin). The playlist is below, but you can also view this as an iMix in iTunes (which gives you links to hear and download all the songs if you like).

“Now that’s what I call Bold Street” Volume 1
His Master’s Voice - The National Jazz Ensemble
Black Lights - Jonas Thomassen & Jt Scam
The Harder They Come - Jimmy Cliff
Perambulator - The Icicle Works
C’mon Everybody - Eddie Cochran
I Am the Sun - Swans
Seven Minutes to Midnite (Live) - The Mighty Wah!
3 AM In Bold Street - Jegsy Dodd & The Original Sinners
Two Tribes - Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Hey Mersh! - Moe Tucker
Celebrity Skin - Hole

And if we get enough new suggestions, we’ll compile a Volume 2!

Myra Smith

Myra Smith worked in a hairdressing salon on Bold Street between 1947 - 1955. We interviewed her in May 2007 - she spoke in great detail about post-war Bold Street, famous clients and finger waves.

Myra’s interview is available in six installments in the Media Lounge and online here.


Pete and Jeff in the alleys of Bold Street


Filmmaker Olivia Greenberg has recently completed a new film commission working with writer Jeff Young (tenantspin & SuperBlock) and musician Pete Wylie. Olivia has created a unique new cut and paste flickbook short in the doorways and alleys of Bold Street.  


More images on Flickr. The film will soon be available via the blog.

The Team

A lot of our images show our work in progress over the course of the past several months. During that time, many many people have worked on the Bold Street project at FACT and at tenantspin, and we wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved. Also we want all our readers to appreciate that whilst a few of us are doing a lot of blogging and talking about the project, there’s a lot more people behind the scenes. The Bold Street project is brought to you by….
Alan Dunn, Patrick Fox, Laura Yates, Ed Pink, Ciara Moloney, John McGuirk, Emily Voelker, Mark Jones, Ross Dalziel, Paul Stringer, Laura Sillars, Paul Luckraft, Sara Smith, Nick Lawrenson, Katie Lips, Michelle Wren and the tenantspinners: Dolly, Vera, Kath, Mark H, Mark D, Warren, Steve, Steve and Mavis.

The Bold Street Project in Metro

An interview with Katie Lips about The Bold Street Project, Metro, Wednesday 27 June 2007.

Metro 27.6.07


No Bold Street has not been taken over by headphone wearing zombies, they are in fact gallery staff from all over Europe working with artist Ross Dalziel exploring the sounds of Bold Street. The outcome of this work will be available during the exhibition which is launching in a mere 10 days……

….and vision

As well as Sound, visiting Gallery staff from around Europe were invited to document their first impression of Bold Street with DV Cameras. Some interesting discussions took place, with an emphasis on the street’s varying architectural styles and proposed re-generation works. The group also spoke about “bold streets” in their cities.

Space Board

Filmmaker Emily Voelker has been busy at work with a group of Liverpool’s young aspiring film makers to create The Bold Love Story; a stop frame animation film based and filmed on Bold Street.

This film is the prequel: “Space Board” the tale of Liverpool’s skaters as told by animated characters. It’s Magic!*

Sneak Preview


As we are getting nearer to the install week, and to the Private View, and most importantly, to opening the door to the Bold Street Project to the public on June 30th, we thought it was time to share a little sneak preview.  The image above is of Michelle’s work in progress circa about three weeks ago.  We’ve uploaded the rest to Flickr here.  Things have come on since then and we’ll be sharing more of our work in progress here and on Flickr.

Jeff Young / Pete Wylie

Yesterday we hit our beloved Bold Street to shoot a short film by Olivia Greenberg featuring Jeff Young and Pete Wylie.
The film will celebrate some of Bold Street’s most iconic and interesting locations, with obscure angles and beautifully framed shots being the order of the day.

As always happens with Bold Street, there were some unexpected moments, including a beautiful renditon of Moon River by a very talented busker.


Sneak Preview - The Bold Love Story


This is the first still hot off the press from the Emily Voelker / Young People animation film shoot. The plot is a tragic love story about two characters torn apart but reunited with tragic consequences………

Big thanks to Microzine on Bold Street for allowing us to film in their premises. Filming will continue tomorrow.

“If you worked on Bold Street, you were someone”


The quote above is taken from an interview with Myra Smith who worked in JG Mann Ladies Hairdressing Salon between 1947 -1954. Myra gave a colourful account of her time working with the highly glamourous and sometimes famous clientele of the time. She spoke about the hairdressing at the time and how it has changed significantly, in particular shampooing techniques!

Do you work in a hairdressers? Has the industry changed?
Did you get your hair cut at JG Manns?

Get in touch.

Animating Bold Street

Today film-maker Emily Voelker has been joined in FACT by a group of young people from North Liverpool’s Positive Future Community Group. The group aim to create animations using Bold Street as an inspiration. For many in the group this will be their first experience animating and they will be hard at work for the next three days creating sets, characters and stories.

Images of the work will be available shortly and the full animation will be on display when the exhibition launches on the 29th of June.

The Bolder They Walk


tenantspin has commissioned internationally renowned film makers Kim Ryan (gente hermosa), Chris Bernard (Letter To Brezhnev) and Alex Cox (Repo Man) to create a film for Bold Street.


The filming has taken place, and the film “The Bolder They Walk” is now in the post production phase; and will be ready for public viewing as an integral part of the Bold Street Project launching in FACT June 30th.

3_kimalexchris_blog.jpgThe film is part of the “Radical, Free Thinking Bold Street” theme. Images from the film set (Bold Street) are available here. Larger versions available on Flickr.

Audio Tour…A sneak preview

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

Artist Roger Hill has been busy creating an audio tour of Bold Street. Designed for the International tourist and the Bold Street community alike, Roger takes us on the first of two audio strolls down Bold Street, reflecting upon its portrayal of the city at large and its delicately balanced economy and infrastructure. A 30 second sneak preview is already available here. (Click on the player above).

Talking Bold Street


Today we’re working in the Box at FACT with the tenantspinners; we’re filming a Bold Street conversation. Laura, John, Dolly and Vera are chatting about Bold Street, scrubbing steps, radishes, cleaning, first cups of coffee, and hats bought on Bold Street.

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.